Black Thorn Durian Premium Set

GEORGE TOWN: A durian shop at Jalan Macalister, which went viral on social media for selling three durians for almost RM1,000 (RM937), was slapped with a RM2,000 compound for displaying confusing price tags which were not written in Bahasa Malaysia. Many stalls declare that they sell Durian of the year 2012 - Black Thorn that have escalated the price of durian per kg to RM 40-RM 50. With this breed, many customer fears that they might be taken a ride on the durian seller as durian King is one of the limited provider that sells this breed, that is available in both of their branch in Bukit Bintang and also TTDI.
Some of Chong's prized trees died off completely, exhausted from excessive flowering and then aborted fruiting. However, it tasted sweet and fruity, with almost an artificial strawberry ice cream flavor. Malaysia famous king of fruits black thorn durian on grey background.

Instead, the workers put pressure on the fruit manually - knocking or throwing it about - which according to Heng drastically changes the flesh, from pale orange to very dark orange, and the skin of the flesh becomes like old people's skin, very wrinkly”.
Riding on the hype of the Shah Alam Durian Cendol, the Durian King has their own twist to their version with that gorgeous Black Thorn on top of it. I must say the star of the whole bowl is definitely still the durian while the cendol still needs some tweaks to it. Since they have just started, I am sure after some modification, this bowl of cendol would be the best dessert on a hot day.

I used to sell durians,” says Chang Teik Seng, aka Durian Seng, of Penang's famous Bao Sheng farm Now I sell flavour.” He tells of his enlightenment” in 2009, when he began turning his 12ha plantation organic, upon realising how natural husbandry could increase his trees' health and longevity.
The ripened ovary then becomes the durian fruit and the remnants of the pistil become the black thorn” at the apex of the fruit. The durian fruit can hang from any branch, and matures roughly three months after pollination The fruit can grow up to 30 centimetres (12 in) long and 15 centimetres (6 in) in diameter, and typically weighs one to three kilograms (2 to 7 lb).
But at RM90 per kilogramme for whole fruit, or RM100 per 400g for durian flesh in vacuum-sealed packs, be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. Some people in southern Thailand prefer their durians relatively young when the clusters of fruit within the shell are still crisp in texture and mild in flavour.

We indulged in Chilled Black Thorn, Musang King and XO ~ Super delicious King Of the Durians together with my family and fellow foodies bloggers that night. The Black Thorn (background) and Musang King (foreground) at the durian stall in SS2. This particular durian cultivar originates from Penang and another interesting quality that distinguishes it besides the flat bottom is the presence of a longkang (drain) like Teka durians , except this looks more…er, anatomical in nature.
His oldest Black Thorn durian tree is now over 50 years old and was originally a kampung durian tree which he grafted 35 years ago with the Black Thorn clone; this is also the tree that has yielded award-winning fruit. Durian lovers, get straight to the Black Gold Cookie ($10.90) which features a charcoal pandan cookie filled with Mao Shan Wang lava.

Besides unlimited portions of the Mao Shan Wang and D24 Sultan durian, diners also get to try unique house-made desserts like the smooth and creamy durian mousse and cream puff. Almost all the fruits are now reserved by those who have tasted the fruits in Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand.
He said that he generates revenue of a few hundred thousand ringgit” every year from exporting durians to China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and these earnings are supplemented by tourist visits to his farm charged at RM50 per head. Dubbed as the Musang King hub of Malaysia, this town in the east Malaysian state of Pahang, has been blessed with the right conditions to grow the durian brand that is popular in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

Their prices might not be the cheapest in town, but quality is always the number one priority when buying durians. Black Thorn is only available in the middle of the year and there are limited places that sell this variety of durian. His farm - Uncle Thing Durian Leisure Farm - grows largely Musang King and Black Thorn varieties.

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