Spindlebeak's Safety School offers classes for certification in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding. Jefferson City Parks & Recreation Department's aquatic staff is trained by the StarGuard Elite Lifeguard Training Program. Check Find a Course for facilities offering National Lifeguard recertification in your area. Swim 300 yards continuously to demons… Read More

Keto dieting is highly effective for helping individuals to shed body fat. Mice fed a ketogenic diet—in which 90 percent of calories come from fat and less than 1 percent from carbohydrates—were less susceptible to the influenza A virus, according to a study published today (November 15) in Science Immunology The protective effects seem to be … Read More

Washington head coach Ron Rivera has a plan if he or any of his assistanct coaches contract the novel coronavirus during the ongoing pandemic. But after an out-of-nowhere Friday night — in which it was revealed Guice is facing domestic violence charges , news that was shortly followed by the Washington Football Team cutting him — it's now clea… Read More

It may possibly happen to anybody – being locked out of your own home because of lacking keys. You will have forgotten them someplace, could have had them stolen, or could have merely left them in your house. No matter the reason being, there are some tricks to contemplate earlier than calling an emergency locksmith.The primary and most evident … Read More

The nice people at Kids Konserve keep on having cool ideas! Incidentally, many people are worried that they may not get enough protein if they eat vegetarian foods, but their fears are unfounded because they can get this when they eat whole grains especially if it is the "quinoa." Other, grains that are rich in protein is barley, brown rice, and wh… Read More